I actually started woodworking in High School in 1970.  Along with my woodworking, I also enjoyed playing guitar.  One day, after 13 years of playing store bought guitars, I decided to build one of my own from scratch.  It was an exciting and challenging project that allowed me to really put my woodworking skills to the test. 

Over the next few years I had completed three very individual handmade - custom designed instruments.  Here is a picture of one of my guitars.   It has turned ebony knobs, a full through tiger maple neck and diamond cut pearl inlay work.  I also did all of the electronics and it sounded as beautiful as it looked.  I was very proud of it.

K.jpg (71433 bytes)


My latest project is actually a prototype that I might market at some point.  As you can see from the picture below, it has a tiger and birds eye maple top, full through mahogany neck with solid brass position markers.  I still play this guitar on a regular basis as lead guitarist in my band "Southern Fury"(Right Click to open in new window).   A lot of times people will come up to me at a gig and ask me what type of guitar I was playing… and I just smile and say “It’s a T.W. Fowler.”  I wouldn’t play anything else!

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