My interest in woodworking actually started in High School back in 1970. Working with wood seemed to come naturally to me and it turned out to be the one class I actually enjoyed going to. Over the years I combined my love of woodworking with my love of music and playing guitar and eventually started designing and building my own T.W. Fowler guitars from scratch (see my Guitars tab).

In the ‘80s I started a company called National Home Improvement Services, Inc. As President of the company I was involved in the day to day operations, as well as working with the kitchen designers, builders and installers. Needless to say, I learned a lot about the business along the way from many of the master craftsmen and home improvement experts that worked for my company. National Home Improvement Services was very successful over the next ten years, installing somewhere around 1000 kitchens during that time.

In 1990 I decided to change directions in my home improvement career. I wanted to take what I had learned about the precision of guitar building and combine that with my years of experience designing and installing kitchens and create my own brand of high quality, customized cabinet making. So I founded Tom’s Cabinets & Design and have spent the last 27 years developing my craft and my production capability to meet or exceed the expectations of even the most demanding of customers.

custom mahogany wall unit

As an example, here’s a wall unit I did for one of my customers a number of years ago that required 16 coats of hand polished, high-gloss lacquer. My customers understand that craftsmanship sometimes takes time (this finish alone took me over two months to complete) but it’s time well invested and well worth the wait. I would be happy to put the quality of my cabinets up against any of the highest priced cabinets you can buy… Only I offer mine for a lot less because I don’t have the high overhead costs that they do!

I’ve also noticed, over the years, that a lot of times designers don’t really understand what it takes to install their products, and installers don’t really understand what the designers are trying to achieve. Consequently, this often leads to headaches for the homeowners and everyone involved in the project. That is what I believe separates Tom’s Cabinets & Design from the rest because I do it all! I’m the designer, builder and installer all wrapped up in one. You simply get the best for less!

If you are looking for high quality craftsmanship, customized home improvement solutions, and expert installation at affordable prices… then you have come to the right place: Tom’s Cabinets & Design. I take as much pride in my work as I hope my customers will take pride in owning and enjoying my work.

Tom Fowler


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